Homework Resources

Please note: this site will be evolving. As new and additional resources are identified they will be added to this resource page

We know, as parents, you want to support your children in getting homework completed each night. Sometimes kids come home with different ways of learning than what we were taught in school, and it is a challenge to figure out this new way of doing things.  And sometimes we just don’t even remember learning it in school ourselves, because we never learned math this way and because information changes over time. It’s hard to keep up!

Of course, if your child is truly struggling, please discuss your concerns with your child’s teacher first. Your child may qualify for services through the school that could best serve their needs. If it’s just occasional issues or you’re seeking support in addition to what the school is providing, there are other places to turn for help. Here are some resources shared with us by parents during the first Family & Community Café. Please let us know if you have other resources you have used that parents may find helpful.

Math Help:

Additional Help:

  • Family Service before and after school program- children in the program receive adult help on homework during program time if they are enrolled. To enroll, call 402-441-7949. This is a fee based childcare program and is not available for drop in or sporadic care.
  • Lincoln City Libraries- free online support in Math, English, Science and Social Studies for grades 3-12. Chat with a tutor through instant message from 2pm until 11pm, 7 day a week. Los tutores disponibles en español.
  • Doane College tutors- to request a tutor, send a description of need to Julie A. Kozisek, Ph.D. kozisek@doane.edu, 402-826-8210. Cost and scheduling are determined with the individual tutor.
  • Sylvan Learning Centers- individual tutoring, call 402-817-0194 or visit their website